Cereals Food Story

Cereals grown in this country include: wheat, barley, oats and rye. The process for growing them is essentially the same.

The Cereal Food Story features the following videos:

  1. Introduction to Cereals Food Story
  2. Preparing Land – How the land is prepared for planting cereals.
  3. Sowing Cereal Seed – Sowing cereal seeds is done with a seed drill which use precision agriculture.
  4. Crop Care – How a farmer looks after cereal crops whilst they are growing.
  5. Applying Fertiliser – Why cereal crops need nutrients and how these are applied.
  6. Pests and Disease – How farmer controls pests and disease that attack his crops.
  7. Harvesting Cereals – How farmers harvest and store their cereal crops.
  8. Uses of Cereals – How cereal crops are used to make food.

To learn more about cereal growing in the UK visit the Agriculture-4-U website Cereals Page

To see photos of different combine harvesters visit the Mark-Thompson.photography site

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