ABC STEM in Food Production

The ABC of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths in Food Production (ABC STEM in Food Production) has been produced for science week but it can be used at any time so don’t worry if your science week is already over flowing with science! This will give you a taste of the experience of having a farm yard in your classroom – but without the muck and without the smells!

The ABC STEM in Food Production gives the ABC’s of the part science, technology, engineering & maths play in modern food production.

See how Bees, Cows, Digestion, Evolution, Fermentation….. Interactive screen and Lasers play a part in modern food production.

Use ABC STEM in Food Production in your classroom, assemblies, either as one medium learning bite or in small daily bites!

The videos show and explain each of the words of the alphabet used in the ABC story of Food Production.

Video Sections

  • Video 1 – Apples Bees
  • Video 2 – Cows Digestive
  • Video 3 – Harvesting Machines
  • Video 4 – Nutritional Omni
  • Video 5 – Watt Zap

This process goes through the alphabet giving a word linked to Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Food Production. At appropriate points given below there is a short video to show explaining these points in more detail. 5 videos in all – total running time for videos around 15 mins.

How to use.

You have 3 options of how to use the resource.

  • Simply show the videos above – either all together or 1 each day for science week, either in your classroom or even in an assembly. If using in an assembly why not make it interactive by printing PowerPoint slides off and asking pupils to hold each of print outs as you go through the list – maybe pupils with name beginning  with same letter good luck with (Q, X, Z)!!!
  • Use the first PowerPoint below which just gives each letter and its meaning giving and opportunity to discuss each then show relevant video for each of 5 sections.
  • Use the PowerPoint incorporating a quiz Each slide gives a letter and then ask a question, with a hint, about what the next letter in the alphabet might represent.
The videos show and explain each of the words of the alphabet used in the ABC story of Food Production.
The list of A to Z is:

Apples need
Bees for pollination
Cows have a
Digestive system that has
Evolved (developed or changed over time) to be able to
Ferment (digest)
Harvesting Machines now use
Interactive Screens to monitor crop being harvested – moisture content (how wet it is), Joystick controls
Kilogram measures, to record yield (how much farmer harvests),
Lasers to drive machine in straight lines and Maps of fields
Omnivores like humans and
Rations measured by
Sat-Nav like
Transponders to get food to unborn piglets via their
Umbilical Cord,
Vitamins and water too
Watt (James Watt 1736 – 1819) power rated technology designed to X (multiply / Increase)
Yields collected.
Zapping your hunger.


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