Food Stories

You already teach the ‘Eat Well Plate’ but can you teach how these raw ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed and their seasonality as the curriculum now requires you to do?
In fact your pupils probably know more about wild animals in Africa, America and even the UK than they do about the farm animals of this country which produce much of their food.

Discovering-Our-Countryside with the teach.discovering-our-countryside VLE and our food stories will help you correct this .
You may be OK teaching the ‘Eat Well Plate’ but can you now teach how the raw ingredients are grown reared and process?
Discovering Our Countryside can help you bring this teaching to your classroom with our food stories, food production and farming teaching themes which will capture your pupils imagination and humour with titles such as:
• Yr1-2 Are your pets really alive? – More Details
• Yr1-2 Plants – what use are they? – More Details
• Yr3-4 What goes in…. – More Details
• Yr3-4 Follow the poo… – More Details
• Yr5-6 Can sheep really read numbers? – More Details
• Yr5-6 Farmers V Bugs – It’s WAR! – More Details
Visit each themes page to see the ‘Entry Point’ video for each theme and a sample pupils workbook to download
Each theme is cross-curricular.
Food production, agriculture, horticulture and the countryside are rich with Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths, steeped in our History, part of our surrounding Geographical world, inspiration for our Art, Music, Literature, part of Religious belief

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