Jul 242016

Year 7 Farm Trips

MW School NewsletterIn partnership with Robert Rook at Weighton Wold Farm, we had the opportunity to support and develop our Science curriculum in a commercial agricultural setting. Weighton Wold Farm is a real working farm which has been turned into an educational experience centre where students can meet the farmers and learn about the agricultural industry. All of our year 7 students visited the farm during July.

MW School Newsletter 2

Students were collected in a specially converted trailer which was pulled by a tractor and transported through the town. Students had the opportunity to apply their Science knowledge to real situations by experiencing life on a real working farm. Students visited various fields and machinery sheds during the visit to learn about what is grown and how it is harvested, they met a variety of farm animals, observed the poultry sections in operation and even took part in a Cow Safari!

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  1. Hi,
    I work at a special school in Hull. We have farming as one of our topics this term and wondeed if you still offered any input?

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