Teaching Links


Discovering Our Countryside provides a clear, interesting and informative picture of the important role of agriculture and rural affairs in the lives of pupils from an early age, the films and commentaries have been developed specifically to enhance the work that you are doing in your own classrooms.

Discovering Our Countryside links to the following teaching areas:

  • National Curriculum – see National Curriculum Links below
  • Eco Schools – See Eco Schools Links below
  • National Initiatives:
    • Healthy Eating
    • Sustainable Schools
  • Thinking Skills

Each program will have downloadable associated teachers’ notes outlining the links to some or all of these areas.

The programs will also have links to other videos on the Agriculture-4-U website that are all linked to the National Curriculum.

As well as linking to many areas of your teaching we believe Agriculture, Horticulture and the Countryside is a marvellous resource to use for teaching in its own right as:

  • It gives you a starting point based on things that most pupils will have seen in their daily lives – the food that they eat, and perhaps the animals in the fields.
  • Videos showing food, young farm animals, wildlife and machinery will capture their attention.
  • The programs will also help pupils make the connection between what they learn in school and what is happening in the wider environment around them. The biodiversity they study in science or try to encourage for Eco Schools Status is also being encouraged by the latest farming practices with field margins and habitat enrichment now in place on many UK farms.

Details of teaching links

National Curriculum

It has many natural links to Science, Technology and Geography as well as easily developed links for other subjects such as English, Maths, History, Art, PE, Citizenship

Eco Schools

It covers many of the topics under the Eco Schools initiative, such as: transport; waste, recycling and litter; care of school grounds; healthy living; energy; bio-diversity; and the global perspective.

Whilst the tasks you complete to achieve your Eco Schools awards are individual to your schools and dictated by your environmental review and subsequent action plan we think that the fortnightly videos will be very relevant to many of your projects.

They will also serve to illustrate to your pupils that sustainability, healthy eating, biodiversity, transport, recycling, waste management , water use, energy use, global considerations are also the aims of the wider community including many people living and working in the countryside such as farmers and growers and wildlife trusts etc

National Government Initiatives

It easily relates to national Government initiatives such as:  Healthy Schools; Sustainable Schools; Every Child Matters; and Learning Outside the Classroom.

Thinking Skills

The interesting and informative programs will give you many points and ideas on which to guide and encourage learning through discussion and interaction by children in pairs and groups, circle time or class discussion.

As the programs develop some of the topics over the coming weeks, they will allow pupils through these activities, and with your guidance, the chance to acquire and develop their Thinking Skills, allowing them to become:

  • team workers
  • self managers
  • independent enquirers
  • reflective learners
  • creative thinkers
  • effective participators

By engaging in these activities, pupils will be encouraged to join in and form their own opinions. In doing so they will need to:

  • listen to the opinions of others
  • change their views in light of further information
  • work together in pairs or groups
  • develop individual work
  • suggest possible solutions
  • create new designs
  • evaluate their work


The  Agriculture-4-U website also contains many more videos and several themes based around Agriculture and the countryside which are cross-curricular linking to Design & Technology, Science, Geography, History, Maths, English, Citizenship;  we are sure you will be able to develop these with further links.

Themes on Agriculture-4-U Web Site: