Farmer Mark’s Farming Road Show


Let “Farmer Mark’s Farming Road Show” take your pupils on an exciting and fun journey of discovery and learning.

Farmer Mark Farming Road Show Taster
(Thanks to Gillshill School Hull)


“Farmer Mark’s Farming Road Show” will help you take your pupils on a journey from cute farm yard animals (Yr1-2 “Are your pets really alive?”) and amazing plants. (Yr1-2 “Plants – What use are they?”)…..

…… to how animals are looked after, what they eat (Yr3-4 “What goes in….”) and ‘discard’, following the poo (Yr3-4 “Follow the poo…”) as it is recycled on to the fields where their food is grown – giving poo flavoured crisps!!

This will give pupils the knowledge of not only what to eat but also how it is produced (Yr5-6 “Farmers V Bugs It’s WAR!”) and how their dietary choice effects the sustainability of not only food production (Yr5-6 “Can sheep count?”) but the very planet on which we all live.

The Farmer Mark Farming Roadshow - feed and muck-out our realistic farm animals!

The Farmer Mark Farming Roadshow – feed and muck-out our realistic farm animals!


The Farmer Mark Road Show idea came from you….

“Hi Mark, thank you so much for coming last week! The children absolutely loved it! You’re officially known as Farmer Mark now! The children also enjoyed using your website and watching the clips which gave them an insight into a real working farm. Your website is very informative and will link in extremely well with the new national curriculum.” (Appleton School)

The ‘Farmer Mark’s Farming Road Show’ is part of a teacher package we offer which includes a visit to your school plus access to our VLE with the 6 teaching themes – see below.

In school the Farmer Mark Farming Road Show offers:

School assembly

Farmer Mark with his roadshow

Farmer Mark with his roadshow

An assembly to introduce farming and food production for the new curriculum. This can be to the whole school or specific key stage or classes.


We offer a variety of lesson options such as Food Story Lessons on Pigs, Sheep, Beef. These can be with the same or different age groups:

  • Yr1-2
  • Yr3-4
  • Yr5-6

Staff Training

An after school session with staff to show them our Teach VLE and get them started on the themes which link to the assembly and lessons I have delivered during the day. This will enable them to then deliver the teaching theme we provide via our Teach VLE

Farm Visits

We can help you facilitate farm visits should you want to further enhance the Discovering Our Countryside experience.

This initial visit will focus on the animal themes we have produced:

  • Yr1-2 Are your pets really alive?
  • Yr3-4 What goes in…
  • Yr5-6 Can sheep count?

They are best delivered first in the Autumn or Spring.

We can then visit again later in the Spring to focus on the plant based themes and help support any growing you do already or want to start doing in school.

  • Yr1-2 Plants – What use are they?
  • Yr3-4 Follow the poo….
  • Yr5-6 Farmers V Bugs It’s WAR!

Contact me know via e-mail or comment below or phone 07811296713 for further details

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  1. Hi i am interested in your roadshow, please send me some more information, thanks.

  2. Morning
    Would you please be kind enough to let me know the costs of your activities?
    Thank you

  3. We are a Warrington school and were wondering how much your farming road show would cost our school

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