Nov 072015

Encouraged by our recognition as ‘Inspiring Educators’ in the Bayer FACE 2015 Awards (Inspiring Educator) we now have another innovative project, the ‘Discovering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering,  Mathematics) project is designed to allow local food producers and teachers to work collaboratively so they can support each other in educating pupils and their families as to how and where their local food is produced. This project links in well with the new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition which schools start delivering in September. Part of this exciting new GCSE is all about Food and its provenance just what we are covering in the Discovering STEM links project.

Discover STEM

We are now looking for more schools to join our 6 Food Story Visits

  • Dairy
  • Beef
  • Potatoes
  • Cereals / Combinable crops
  • Pigs
  • Tomatoes / horticulture)

These food story visits are for teachers to give them an insight into each food story from farm to fork by visiting local farms and then relevant local food producers. There will also be 2 CPD sessions:

  • One to give general back ground information about local food production and also learn about and feedback on the teaching resources that will be developed for each food story.
  • The second will be to feedback and comment on the teaching resources and how the whole project has gone.

The schools also have the options of:

  • A free visit from the Farmer Mark Farming Road Show (see sample of Farmer Mark here) to help them launch the food story teaching themes with their pupils.
  • Farm Visit – Farmer Mark can also help and assist in organising and running pupil visits to local farms if the schools require this start up help.

The only cost to the schools will that of releasing a teacher to take part in each food story visits (expected to be an afternoon) and the 2 CPD sessions (expected to be after school day has ended). As we are based in East Yorkshire the project is primarily aimed at schools in Hull and East Yorkshire, mainly due to the travel involved but this does not exclude schools from other areas of Yorkshire or even N Lincs.

Contact me via e-mail below or phone 07811296713 if you are interested and /or have any questions. Or if you would like me to visit your school to discuss further with you / head teacher.

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