Pupil Workbook Follow Poo Sample


This is a sample workbook for the Year 3-4 Theme “Follow the poo?” Samples from other theme are listed below [grpdocsview file=”30238fd0d1c290730f8035cf2c8d9b02d8dd8a3dca54787e8a7cb8b8f50d349a” quality=”100″ height=”1000″ width=”800″ protocol=”http” download=”False” print=”False” use_pdf=”False” use_scrollbar=”False”] Sample workbooks from other themes Yr. 1-2 Are Pets Alive ? – View Sample Workbook Yr. 1-2 Plants What use are they? – View Sample Workbook

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Jun 142014
16 June 2014: Summer in the farming year

Allotment – Snails a pest to farmers and gardeners. Have some fun with a snail race
Grass at Last – We revisit the lambs we saw turned out after lambing and we see our calves getting their first taste of fresh grass
Beetroot Seed & Ripe Tomatoes – We say strange beetroot seed planted and then the tomatoes we saw planted, sorted by robots, pollinated by bees are finally picked and sorted ready for you to enjoy in the shops

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May 292014
2 June 2014: Green Green Growth of June

Allotment – Planting runner beans, corgettes and brassicas in with or without a garden.
Planting…– We see the schools visiting Stockbridge Technology Centre planting lettuce and then see how farmers plant lettuce and sprouts on a commercial scale.
Pigs for bacon – The pigs we have followed from farrowing are weighed to see if they are ready for bacon. We also follow a local butcher as he explains how a pig carcass in butchered into the various pork and bacon cuts

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May 172014
19 May 2014: April shower - not always in April

Lambing – Follow lambing on Oliver’s Farm where we see lots of new born lambs and the work involved in looking after all these new lives, which involves both experienced shepherds and fresh, enthusiastic young shepherds.

Planting Potatoes – We see the first school visits of the year to Stockbridge Technology Centre and see the children and their teachers busy planting potatoes and wild flowers.

Allotment Update – See how crops have progress on our allotment.

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May 052014
5 May 2014: Spring - What does it mean to you?

Prepare for your preparers! – Planting potatoes in your garden, allotment or on your patio
Calving – We finally manage to capture some cows calving on film – full graphic details so beware! We show how soon a newborn calf is up and suckling it’s mother’s milk and also how the farmer’s jobs and responsibilities for this calf start from day 1
Sowing and harvesting – Whilst farmers are busy sowing crops such as peas and wheat in the fields, growers are already harvesting some of the crops like cucumbers, which are grown under glass.

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Mar 222014
24 March 2014 - Ides of March - come and gone....

Planning done! – Planning over down to planting on the Allotment, with bean, peas, parsnips and catch crops.
Busy bees Busy Farmers –Shows bees busy pollinating tomatoes, and farmers busy in the fields, fertilising winter crops and sowing spring crops.
Secret Calves and lambs? – Explains how we have so far been unsuccessful in catching calves being born on film, but how we are more confident of catching lambs being born as our farmer has 2000 ewes to lamb. We see these ewes being brought inside, fed and vaccinated in preparation for lambing.

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Mar 072014
10 March 2014 - Nature knows....

The snow hath retreated – Looks at the signs of spring. What can you look for as an indication that spring has sprung! Also how you and your school can get involved with helping scientists analyse if spring is getting earlier like some people believe.
Beating the weather? –Another visit to the greenhouses to see how the tomatoes are progressing, as well as cucumbers and surprisingly strawberries.
The weather can kill! – This follows our newborn piglets through to weaning, looking at what different systems are available for rearing pigs and how the UK pig herd has some of the highest welfare standards in the world – which we should be supporting if we believe in animal welfare.

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Feb 072014
10 February 2014 - A time to prepare

Preparing for Calving and Sows Farrowing – Shows a farmer fetching in his cattle ready for calving in the spring, Then goes on to show how piglets are born all year round. With footage of piglets actually being born .
New Life in the Greenhouse –Show the tomatoes we saw being planted and grown as seedlings now being transferred and set out in greenhouses.
Bird Nesting Boxes – helping new life. – Helping a little owl then how you can help birds after a hard winter. Jon Traill a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust field officer gives tips and advice on types of bird boxes and where to place them for best results.

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Jan 242014
2014 Livestock Posts

All Livestock posts for 2014

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Jan 242014
27 January 2014 - Beyond the Farm and digging allotment

Grow4.me.uk – Digging our new allotment- We have started digging our allotment – see how we have got on. Follow our allotment on the Grow4.Me website – visit Grow4.Me now
Milk beyond the farm – Shows that the safety of this important foodstuff starts with storage on the farm and then shows how it is treated to keep it safe to consume and then how it is packed into the cartons of liquid milk you buy as a consumer.
Potatoes beyond the farm – This shows how the surplus of harvest is stored and gradually used to keep the shops of Britain supplied year round – without the need for ‘fresh’ imports of potatoes from abroad as some shops would have you believe. It also shows how one of our favourite potato products is made – Crisps!

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A complete integrated learning package

A complete integrated learning package

Discovering Learning in Sustainable Food Production In preparation for the new curriculum we have produced a series of ‘Discovering Learning in Sustainable Food Production’ farming, countryside and food production based teaching themes. These are curriculum linked to Science, Design Technology, Geographyand History with lots of opportunities for links to other subjects, such as English, Maths and

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Jan 082014
13 January 2014 - Computers in Agriculture + New Allotment

Farm Animals and Computers – Shows how computers are used to monitor pigs feeding during pregnancy and also how they are used to help farmers weigh ingredients so they can mix the correct food ingredients for cattle. It also shows how even milking cows and goats is helped by the use of computer to monitor how much milk is produced.
In your local Greenhouse – Shows how machines are used to plant seeds then how computers and robots are used to then sort the growing seedlings. It also shows how human input is still needed for many jobs that computers cannot do – yet!.
Grow4.me.uk – Starting a new allotment- We have started a new allotment to help you with your growing in school

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