Bringing in the Harvest Roadshow


Bring a real harvest into your Harvest Festival.

Born and bred a farmer until I became a teacher, I still get excited by combines harvesters, boys toys I suppose. I would to like to try and share this excitement with your pupils. Our Road Show tries to put them in the combine harvester and tractor cabs with up close and personal video – but without the dangers and dust! (Video below is what we will show)

We will explain how not so long ago they would have been more closely involved with the harvest even having special “tattie picking holidays”

Then we will share with them the story of some of the harvest by man, beasts and bee as the products of harvest travel from field and farm to healthy food on their plates….

We just ask a small fee to cover our costs plus use of your digital projector to show our videos….

We will leave you with details of our ‘Discovering Learning in Sustainable Food Production’ farming countryside and food production based teaching themes:

  • Year 1-2  ‘Are all your pets really alive?
  • Year 3-4  ‘What goes in…..
  • Year 5-6 ‘Can sheep really read numbers?


These will allow you to follow up our ‘Bringing in the Harvest Road Show’ with exciting lessons and activities in school. More details here

Contact us for further details

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