6 February 2012 – New Spring, New Life


Spring is almost upon us.

This program looks at new life starting with the onset of the new spring, new plants growing, new piglets being born and how you can help with birds nesting and rearing new young.

  • Preparing for Calving and Sows Farrowing – Shows a farmer fetching in his cattle ready for calving in the spring, Then goes on to show how piglets are born all year round. With footage of piglets actually being born .
  • New Life in the Greenhouse –Show the tomatoes we saw being planted and grown as seedlings now being transferred and set out in greenhouses.
  • Bird Nesting Boxes – helping new life. – Jon Traill a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust field officer gives tips and advice on types of bird boxes and where to place them for best results.

Download teachers notes for this section – New Spring New Life