ABC STEM in Food Production


The ABC of Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths in Food Production (ABC STEM in Food Production) has been produced for science week (17-23 March 2014) but it can be used at any time so don’t worry if your science week is already over flowing with science! This will give you a taste of the experience of having a farm yard in your classroom – but without the muck and without the smells!

The ABC STEM in Food Production gives the ABC’s of the part science, technology, engineering & maths play in modern food production. See how Bees, Cows, Digestion, Evolution, Fermentation….. Interactive screen and Lasers play a part in modern food production.

Welcome to Farmyard

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Use ABC STEM in Food Production in your classroom, assemblies, either as one medium learning bite or in small daily bites!

You can use either with a PowerPoint to download, or with Twitter:

We will tweet each of the ABC’s over 5 days as a series of questions or tasks to find out what the next letter will stand for. Each days learning bites will end with a video giving all the days letters with up close and personal images of the science, technology, pigs, cows, and machines involved in the production of our food.

Don’t worry if your school does not tweet or you are worried about the use of social media with young pupils we will put the tweets safely on here so you can safely introduce your class to social media. If you’d rather not use social media for this then see below for a PowerPoint alternative to download. But we think you should watch some of the videos you will be sharing with your pupils…..

The videos show and explain each of the words of the alphabet used in the ABC story of Food Production.

PowerPoint Versions We have done 2 PowerPoint versions one simply gives the letters and word for you to show and then use the above videos at the relevant points. The second uses the same quiz idea as the Twitter version but via PowerPoint rather than social media in case your school does not allow social media on the classroom. Go to PowerPoint page for more details

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  1. Excellent – comprehensive, interesting and engaging material.

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