Wildlife – Ponds


Here are the specific videos about ponds. You may find these useful for specific teaching topics or to encourage biodiversity as part of your Eco Schools projects.

All the videos are available via the video player above use the thumbnails and description to select the relevant video

26 January 2012 – Beyond the Farm (Building Ponds Part 2)

  • Wildlife Ponds . – Jon Traill the Yorkshire Wildlife officer for water comes back to give advice on how you could improve or add a wildlife pond to your school or garden. It also shows how important industrial landscapes are reclaimed for wildlife and how many farmers also maintain and improve ponds to benefit wildlife in the countryside.

9 January 2012 – Computers in Agriculture (Building Ponds)

  • Wildlife Ponds. – Jon Traill the Yorkshire Wildlife officer for water explains why ponds are important in rural and urban landscapes. He also explain a little about the different habitats which can be created in a pond and how this benefits wildlife – both plants and animals.

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