Here are the specific videos about insects. You may find these useful for specific teaching topics or to encourage biodiversity as part of your Eco Schools projects.

[html5video id=2]

All the videos are available via the video player above use the thumbnails and description to select the relevant video

12 March – The ides of March are upon us!

    • Bees – Explains why bees are so important, giving a brief explanation of their role in the life cycle of a flowering plant.

12 September 2011 – Bees Harvesting

This section shows bees harvesting pollen and nectar from flowers with a brief explanation of what bees use this for and how pollination is important to farmers and us for food.

10 October 2011 – Wildlife Preparing for Winter

Wildlife must prepare for Winter – Explains how farmers help insects survive winter and how you can too at your school.

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