This is the wildlife homepage which lists all of the specific wildlife parts of our growing catalog of videos.

Sample Wildlife Video

Wildlife sections are listed below are can be accessed by the top Wildlife Menu. These wildlife videos give you lots of tips on how to boost biodiversity both in your garden or school ground. Ideal if you are an Eco-School.


Discovering-Our-Countryside Bird Videos Cover:

Migratory Birds

Looks at how some birds leave us to go to warmer climates for winter while some joins us from colder climates.

Feeding Birds

This video gives you tips on what to feed birds and how to make your own bird food.

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Discovering-Our-Countryside Insect Videos cover:

  • Bees harvesting pollen and nectar from flowers with a brief explanation of what bees use this for and how pollination is important to farmers and us for food.
  • How farmers help insects survive winter and how you can too at your school.

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Videos outlining:

  • Why ponds are important in a landscape.
  • How industrial landscapes can be restored back to nature.
  • How farmers are maintaining and looking after ponds to help biodiversity
  • Tips and ponds for gardens and schools – including planting and population with wildlife

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