Jan 242014
27 January 2014 - Beyond the Farm and digging allotment

Grow4.me.uk – Digging our new allotment- We have started digging our allotment – see how we have got on. Follow our allotment on the Grow4.Me website – visit Grow4.Me now
Milk beyond the farm – Shows that the safety of this important foodstuff starts with storage on the farm and then shows how it is treated to keep it safe to consume and then how it is packed into the cartons of liquid milk you buy as a consumer.
Potatoes beyond the farm – This shows how the surplus of harvest is stored and gradually used to keep the shops of Britain supplied year round – without the need for ‘fresh’ imports of potatoes from abroad as some shops would have you believe. It also shows how one of our favourite potato products is made – Crisps!

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