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The seasons

As well as being important to all life on Earth the seasons are also a very good vehicle on which to teach lots of science.

There is sometimes a confusion as to when the seasons start and end – each season starts at a particular equinox – these occur on 21st March (Spring), 21st June (Summer), 21st September (Autumn) and 21st December (Winter). They are a measure of when the sun is directly over head at either the tropics or Cancer, Capricorn or the equator. The confusion arises as the media in particular take the start of the season as being at the start of the relevant month (e.g. start of Spring = 1st March) but this is not strictly correct!
follow the seasons

Seasonal Countryside

An understanding of why we have seasons involves science of our planets the solar system and wider universe. A excellent explanation of the seasons and why we have them can be found on the Woodlands Junior School Website resources section – here: Woodlands Junior School resources.  So we will not seek to reproduce that here.

What we do seek is to ‘reconnect’ people with the seasonality of the countryside, farming and food production. One of the ways to do this is by watching our ‘seasonal’ programs of farming, food production and the countryside.



Other resources about the seasons which you may find useful:

A video of the reason for the seasons  – Why does the Earth have Seasons?

Eating with the seasons



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