Mar 182014

Great Science Week

Friday at Collingwood Primary School ABC of Science Technology Engineering & Maths went down very well, followed by signs of spring with Foundation class, frogs, frog spawn and all. Then planting Microgreens with Yr 4 and then Yr 2

Wednesday at Pearson Primary 60 Yr 1-2 pupils growing Microgreens then assembly on the ABC of Science Technology, Engineering & Maths in Food Production then ‘Scientific Mud Pies’ with Yr 3 part of “Yr2-4 Follow the poo!” teaching theme

Tuesday at Alderman Cogan School with 60 Yr 1 pupils sowing Microgreens part of “Yr1-2 Plants what use are they?” theme.

At Holme-Upon-Spalding-Moor Primary School with 30 Yr 5’s on Monday learning the Potato story part of our Yr5-6 Farmers V Bugs – It’s War! (more on our Teach VLE)


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