Food Story


The Beef Food Story

[videogallery id=”BeefStory”]

This is the second of four food stories based around the Eat Well Guide.

  • Beef – for the beans, pulses, fish, eggs and meat section.
  •  Cereals – for carbohydrates and starchy foods section
  •  Fresh Veg – for the fruit and veg section
    • Coming soon….
  • Dairy – for the dairy products section
    • Coming soon….

Each food story will include a pupil self-assessment work book which you can download and make available for pupils to complete in conjunction with watching the ‘Food Story’. They can then check their answers and make any corrections giving them their own completed copy of the Food Story.

The only part a teacher will need to check is their summary of sustainability of the food story.

Work books and scripts for videos – coming soon.


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