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GCSE Food preparation and nutrition

Discovering Food Provenance.

As a technology teacher you will be familiar with the “Eat Well Plate – now Guide” but how is your knowledge of the “Eat Well Harvest”, food provenance and sustainability.
Entry point video for our ‘Is 5 A Day killing the planet’? teaching theme


This is the entry point video for our teaching theme “Is 5 A Day killing our planet?”

“Is 5 A Day killing our planet?”

These teaching materials (once completed) are designed to capture your pupils interest about food provenance. It looks at some of the ‘problems’ we are faced with in modern food production in the UK. Food miles, Seasonality, Food Labels, Sustainability and Food Security. (Is 5 A Day killing the planet? Is aimed at getting pupils to think about the current expectation of choices available in the shops to help them meet their 5 A Day in terms of seasonality of food, food miles and the sustainability of having this choice.) 

Before these issues can be discussed objectively pupils need a background of knowledge of how food is produced today in the UK.

This is will be done by following four food stories based around the Eat Well Guide.

  • Cereals Food Story (wheat, barley oats) for the potatoes bread pasta and other starchy carbohydrate section of the Eat Well Guide Food Groups
  • Beef Food Story – for the beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat and other proteins section of the Eat Well Guide Food Groups
  • Fresh Produce Food Story – for the fruit and vegetable  section of the Eat Well Guide Food Groups
  • Dairy Food Story – for the dairy and alternatives section of the Eat Well Guide Food Groups

These are currently being produced – so anyone wishing to contribute or get involved / make comments please let me know. The current thinking haven spoken to several food technology teachers and how pressed they will be for time is to make these food stories so they can be set as homeworks with a student workbook. Once they pupils have built up their knowledge doing this then the food problems, sustainability etc can be covered as lessons / debates. Please contact me below if you would like to become more involved with this – eg trailing the resources in the spring term.

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