R and J Farms

Farm Profile R and J Farms
Location: Weighton Wold Farm
Market Weighton
East Riding of Yorkshire.
Farm Size: Total 800 Ha

  • Arable 640 Ha
  • Grass 120 Ha
Introduction Family run Arable and Livestock farm. On Yorkshire Wold and Vale of York soil types – (Sandy – Sandy Loam)In HLS (Higher level stewardship Scheme) and a LEAF Farm (Linking Environment and Farming)
staff 4 family members with 7 other full-time members of staff and several part-time members.
farm enterprises Arable and Livestock
crops Barley – Spring & WinterWinter wheatWinter Oilseed Rape


Vining Peas

Fodder beet

Maize – Forage

livestock Beef 

130 suckler cows + about 200 progeny for replacements or fattening. Many of heifers and some bulls are sold for breeding with some store cattle being bought in to fatten.

The cattle for fattening are reared quite extensively on grass, plus forage maize and fodder beet when housed, reaching slaughter weight at 16-18 months old.


Chickens are kept for eggs with a both a large free range flock and a new Enriched Colony Flock being run.

Ducks – 50,000 are reared at any one time.

Staff Farm Staff on different EnterprisesArable

  • 1 full time arable person.


  • 1 full-time chicken person.
  • 4 family members full time
  • 5 other full-time staff who are able to do most jobs as required and generally split between livestock and arable as work load and holiday cover requires
  • Several part-time staff as needed – mainly as egg packers
wildlife The farm is a wild life oasis which is gradually being improved as farm is now in HLS (Higher Level Stewardship). Seed margins are in place with flower margins planned for Autumn 2011. Work is also planned for several neglected ponds and a wood has been planted in free range egg fields.