Oct 112016

Pupils from Headlands School and Sibelius High School enjoyed a food story visit to a local farm then a farm shop


The pupils form Headlands visited as part of the “Discovering STEM links in the local food chain” funded by the Nineveh Trust. The pupils from Sibelius High School in Cape Town, South Africa joined the visit as they happened to be visiting a part of a school exchange.

The students enjoyed seeing beef cattle and free range laying hens at Robert Rooks farm Market Weighton.

headlands-visit-4 headlands-visit-3









The students then visited Drewton’s Farm Shop so they could see how the food produced on the local farms is then sold in local shops and farm shops. This ties in very well with the new GCSE in Food Preparation and Nutrition which features a section on food provenance and how food is produced.


Sarah Bone of Headlands School said: “Working in true partnership with local businesses, this is an amazing opportunity for our students to have their horizons broadened, and their knowledge and understanding of the commercial business aspects of farming, food and drink enhanced.  In addition, it’s a unique opportunity for children from our partner school in South Africa to create brilliant memories of life and work in the East Riding of Yorkshire – truly putting us on the global map!  Thanks again to everyone for making this happen for our students.”


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