8 February 2012 – Meet our Cows


Would you like to meet our cows?

You can see images of our cows below and also download pictures to print and use in your classroom – but first a bit about how cows are identified.

Cattle Ear Tag
Most farmers do not give their animals names – partly because they usually have too many animals to identify this way but also because they required by the EU and UK governments to identify all their cattle with 2 ear tags which identify not only the individual animal but also the herd or farm it came from.

Each new born calf must have these tags in within a few days of being born.
Calf with ear tags




Linked to these tags the animal has a ‘passport’ on which it details (DOB, farm born etc) are stored. When ever an animal is moved from farm to farm or to slaughter it is recorded on this passport.

British Cattle Passport

Example British Cattle Passport

About our Cows…

In our herd of cows some luckily had distinctive face markings. We have picked out 13 cows with distinctive face markings to follow through to calving.

Identifying our cows.

We picked out the cows with distinctive face markings as this makes it easier for us and you to identify each of the cows we are following, we have given these cows a number from 1 to 13 these are just our numbers and not the cows real passport number, this is just to make our identification and following easier.

Why not give the cows a class name?

Although as we have explained farmers don’t usually give cows individual names – there it nothing to stop your class naming the cows. The images you can print out have space for you to name each cow if you would like to.

Here’s our cows photo gallery.


Finally download a pdf document of image of our cows for you to print out and perhaps give names to? Download Countdown to Calving Cows images