27 February 2012 – Weather good or bad?


How does the weather effect the countryside?

This program looks at the importance of weather how it effects wildlife and the onset of spring, how we can cheat the weather to some extent by growing plants and using bees in a greenhouse, but not without a cost. Also how it can still cause problems with keeping livestock like pigs outside.

  • The snow hath retreated – Looks at the signs of spring. What can you look for as an indication that spring has sprung! Also how you and your school can get involved with helping scientists analyse if spring is getting earlier like some people believe.
  • Beating the weather? –Another visit to the greenhouses to see how the tomatoes are progressing, as well as cucumbers and surprisingly strawberries.
  • The weather can kill! – This follows our newborn piglets through to weaning, looking at what different systems are available for rearing pigs and how the UK pig herd has some of the highest welfare standards in the world – which we should be supporting if we believe in animal welfare.

Download teachers notes for this section – New Spring New Life