23 January 2012 – Beyond the Farm


What happens to products beyond the farm?

This program looks Beyond the Farm in that it concentrates a bit on beyond what people view as they farm i.e. the field and cattle shed, and looks at what happens to products after they have been harvested –either directly on the farm or after they leave the farm.

Beyond the Farm

  • Milk beyond the farm – Shows that the safety of this important foodstuff starts with storage on the farm and then shows how it is treated to keep it safe to consume and then how it is packed into the cartons of liquid milk you buy as a consumer.
  • Potatoes beyond the farm – This shows how the surplus of harvest is stored and gradually used to keep the shops of Britain supplied year round – without the need for ‘fresh’ imports of potatoes from abroad as some shops would have you believe. It also shows how one of our favourite potato products is made – Crisps!
  • Wildlife Ponds Pt 2. – Jon Traill the Yorkshire Wildlife officer for water comes back to give advice on how you could improve or add a wildlife pond to your school or garden. It also shows how important industrial landscapes are reclaimed for wildlife and how many farmers also maintain and improve ponds to benefit wildlife in the countryside.

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