2013 Arable Crops Posts


#Farming Bites: a new way to learn. Watching these sections of the Discovering Our Countryside programs will show the seasonal tasks and changes of plants and crops. This will give your pupils small regular video bites of learning gradually building up their knowledge of science units such as: 1b Growing , 2b Plants and animals, 2c Variation, 3b Plants Grow Well, 5b Life Cycles and Design Technology units such as: 1c Eat More Fruit and Veg, 5b Bread, 5d Biscuits 
Learning will be just like growing up with the farm yard and countryside in your classroom

All the Crops related parts of recent programs are available on the video player above. Over the weeks the programs will look at the seasonal jobs carried out by farmers growing different crops.

Arable Crops Posts

2 December 2013 – Preparing for Winter

  • A special harvest is about to begin – Shows farmers harvesting some late crops then ploughing land for spring, also showing their skills off in a ploughing match. The harvesting of Christmas Trees is covered too.

11 November 2013 – Managing the seasons

  • How can you enjoy your 5-a-day all year round? This looks at the different ways we use to preserve food so we can enjoy it out of season. Freeze it! Cool it! Fly it! Cover it! Time it!

21 October 2013 – The ABC of Farming

  • Re-starting the Crop Cycle– Shows farmers planting their Winter crops and thus re-starting the farming cycle.

7 October 2013 – Preparing for Winter

  • School’s harvest as do farmers – Shows pupils returning to Stockbridge to harvest the crops they planted this spring and also how farmers harvest the same crops with big machines.

23 September 2013 – Using the products of harvest

  • Using the products of harvest for us – Shows some of the products we can make from Cereal Grains such as flour, bread and beer

8 July 2013 – Summer Crops, Dairy Products Things to do over Summer…

  • How are crops doing? – Looks at how crops we saw planted in spring are doing in early summer. How bees have harvested the fields of yellow to make honey.

Download teachers notes for this section – 

24 June 2013 – Hedgerow Feasts, Cow’s Stomach feasts, Tasty feasts.

  • Tasty feasts – We look at how strawberries are produced in time for Wimbledon snacks

Download teachers notes for this section – 

10 June 2013 – Summer brings; grass, beetroot, ripe tomatoes, life to hedgerows…

  • Beetroot Seed & Ripe Tomatoes – We say strange beetroot seed planted and then the tomatoes we saw planted, sorted by robots, pollinated by bees are finally picked and sorted ready for you to enjoy in the shops.

Download teachers notes for this section – 

13 May 2013 – Green Green Plants of May

  • Planting…– We see the schools visiting Stockbridge Technology Centre planting lettuce and then see how farmers plant lettuce and sprouts on a commercial scale.

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29 April 2013 April Showers – Lambs, Potatoes, Felling trees in our wood…

  • Planting Potatoes – We see the first school visits of the year to Stockbridge Technology Centre and see the children and their teachers busy planting potatoes and wild flowers.

Download teachers notes for this section – 

15 April 2013 – Spring, late, but work goes on…..

  • Sowing and harvesting – Whilst farmers are busy sowing crops such as peas and wheat in the fields, growers are already harvesting some of the crops like cucumbers, which are grown under glass.

Download 15 April 2013 teachers notes

18 March 2013 – The Ides of March are upon us!

  • Busy bees Busy Farmers –Shows bees busy pollinating tomatoes, and farmers busy in the fields, fertilising winter crops and sowing spring crops.

Download teachers notes for this section – Ides of March.

4 March 2013 – Weather good or bad?

  • Beating the weather? –Another visit to the greenhouses to see how the tomatoes are progressing, as well as cucumbers and surprisingly strawberries.

Download teachers notes for this section – New Spring New Life

18 February 2013  – New life, follow it and even help!

  • New Life in the Greenhouse –Show the tomatoes we saw being planted and grown as seedlings now being transferred and set out in greenhouses.

Download teachers notes for this section – Winters slow to release its grip.

28 January 2013 – Beyond the Farm

  • Potatoes beyond the farm – This shows how the surplus of harvest is stored and gradually used to keep the shops of Britain supplied year round – without the need for ‘fresh’ imports of potatoes from abroad as some shops would have you believe. It also shows how one of our favourite potato products is made – Crisps!

Download teachers notes for this section – Beyond the Farm.

14 January 2013 – Computers in Agriculture + Year in a Wood

  • In your local Greenhouse – Shows how machines are used to plant seeds then how computers and robots are used to then sort the growing seedlings. It also shows how human input is still needed for many jobs that computers cannot do – yet!

Download teachers notes for this section – Computers in Agriculture.

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