12 March 2012 – The ides of March are upon us!


Already the middle of March – so what is happening in the countryside?

This program looks at the mid-March seasonal happenings – in the countryside, and down on the farm.

  • Bees – Explains why bees are so important, giving a brief explanation of their role in the life cycle of a flowering plant.
  • Busy bees Busy Farmers –Shows bees busy pollinating tomatoes, and farmers busy in the fields, fertilising winter crops and sowing spring crops.
  • Secret Calves and lambs? – Explains how we have so far been unsuccessful in catching calves being born on film, but how we are more confident of catching lambs being born as our farmer has 2000 ewes to lamb. We see these ewes being brought inside, fed and vaccinated in preparation for lambing.

Download teachers notes for this section – Ides of March.