Jan 242014

#Farming Bites: a new way to learn. Watching these sections of the Discovering Our Countryside programs will show the seasonal tasks and changes of plants and crops. This will give your pupils small regular video bites of learning gradually building up their knowledge of science units such as: 1b Growing , 2b Plants and animals, 2c Variation, 3b Plants Grow Well, 5b Life Cycles and Design Technology units such as: 1c Eat More Fruit and Veg, 5b Bread, 5d Biscuits 
Learning will be just like growing up with the farm yard and countryside in your classroom

All the Crops related parts of recent programs are available on the video player above. Over the weeks the programs will look at the seasonal jobs carried out by farmers growing different crops.

Arable Crops Posts

24 March 2014 – Ides of March – come and gone!

  • Busy bees Busy Farmers –Shows bees busy pollinating tomatoes, and farmers busy in the fields, fertilising winter crops and sowing spring crops.

10 March 2014 – Nature knows!

  • Beating the weather? –Another visit to the greenhouses to see how the tomatoes are progressing, as well as cucumbers and surprisingly strawberries.

10 February 2014 – A time to prepare.

  • New Life in the Greenhouse –Show the tomatoes we saw being planted and grown as seedlings now being transferred and set out in greenhouses.

27 January 2014 – Beyond the farm

  • Potatoes beyond the farm – This shows how the surplus of harvest is stored and gradually used to keep the shops of Britain supplied year round – without the need for ‘fresh’ imports of potatoes from abroad as some shops would have you believe. It also shows how one of our favourite potato products is made – Crisps!

13 January 2014 – Computers in Agriculture

  • In your local Greenhouse – Shows how machines are used to plant seeds then how computers and robots are used to then sort the growing seedlings. It also shows how human input is still needed for many jobs that computers cannot do – yet!

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